Dr. Stephen Monroe, PhD

Twenty years ago, Dr. Stephen Monroe was working for a small innovative wound-care biotech company in Tennessee. As Chief Scientist and VP of Technology he was responsible for formulating that company’s groundbreaking treatment for diabetic foot wounds, bedsores, and other chronic wounds. He ultimately got CE approval in Europe and FDA approval in the US for the early version of this technology, healing 1 ½ times more chronic wounds than the current state-of-the-art treatments developed by the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies, many that had remained unhealed for over an entire year or more.
While also responsible for finding new discoveries in wound care for the company, Dr. Monroe first became aware of the exceptional potential of cannabinoids (THC, CBD and over 140 more) to provide groundbreaking medical breakthroughs. One of these he led, as part of this research, was a series of experiments on the most deadly form of brain cancer, Glioblastoma, showed the ability of a modified cannabinoid to shrink brain tumors in mice over 90% in just 3 weeks with a simple daily injection (Figure 1.)
Fig 1 UntreatedFig 1 Untreated
He also led a series of experiments for treating battlefield hemorrhagic shock, funded by the DOD using a similarly modified cannabinoid that expanded the ‘golden hour’ to eight hours, proving cannabinoid’s ability to dramatically reduce potentially fatal inflammation. (Severe loss of blood leads to hemorrhagic shock. Once this happens, a person has about 1 hour, the ‘golden hour’ in which to get medical attention or the major organ damage caused by the resulting inflammation will lead to death. Cannabinoids were able to expand this window to over 8 hours by protecting those organs; liver, kidneys, lungs, etc. from inflammation.)
As one of only a handful of researchers in the world to have done government sponsored, pre-clinical Cannabinoid research, Dr. Monroe’s work with brain cancer, battlefield wound trauma, and inflammation, in combination with his wound care and tissue regeneration experience provides a solid foundation upon which to build this one of-a-kind family of products.
This blend of these two natural formulations combines CBD’s pain relief and inflammation reduction with the joint and tissue protection benefits of Dr. Monroe’s clinically proven wound healing technology that he has continued to improve since it was approved by the FDA and Europe’s CE administration. He calls this new formulation “ K ChannelTM ” which helps protect against the damaging effects of a group of enzymes that degrade tissue, joints, and bone.
This makes our products uniquely effective, not only reducing pain and inflammation, but also blocking the damage that is often associated with aging along with all of its accompanying ills and ailments. The key to being healthy is exercise and movement. They key to exercise is
healthy joints, muscle, bone and pain-free, joyful movement. CBD helps you stay pain free, but only K ChannelTM can help block the effects of aging.