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Introducing Our CBD & K-Channel Pain Cream!!

Scientifically developed, patent pending KChannel, unsurpassed Xtreme Pain Relief Cream! 


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K-Channel CBD

We trust our products enough to give them to our friends, family members and pets. We want you to feel certain also. Check out our 3rd party tested Certificate of Analysis (COA) page. All of our CBD products are 3rd party tested for purity, safety and effectiveness.


“Hello, this is Jeff Cook of the band Alabama. Some of you may be aware that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years ago. Recently I was introduced to CBD products (Non THC CBD). Hemp Xtreme Relief CBD products seem to be helping me with some of the symptoms in my battle against Parkinsons. Although there is currently no known cure and it affects everyone differently, I believe some of my improvements are due to CBD.”

Jeff Cook, From the band Alabama.