About Us

Thomas Crosswhite, president and CEO of Alterna Products and his friend David Jenkins were having a discussion about the apparent meteoric growth and resurgence of the Hemp/CBD industry.

They began reading about the products derived from the oils extracted from the Hemp plant that didnt make people high but made them healthier in a myriad of ways. They imagined gathering a kind of Dream Teamincluding a CSO (Chief Science Officer), a fullblown medical practitioner. Not an easy task. They sought out high level manufacturers, processors, bottlers, label makers and independent laboratories for independent thirdparty testing of their potential products prior to ever considering placing any products on the market.

Meet Our Team

Thomas had the initial first steps covered. He introduced 5 potential members of this Dream Team.

Thomas Crosswhite
Thomas CrosswhitePresident and Co-Founder of Alterna Products.
Tom comes from the life insurance industry. With over 40 years’ experience growing one of the largest life insurance marketing organizations with over 30,000 agents and over 5,000 CPA’s under his Hierarchy.
Lou G. Harris, Esquire
Lou G. Harris, EsquireOur Legal Eagle
Lou has spent the past 25 years developing high
profile Lincoln Law into one of Utah’s top business law firms.
Dr Stephen Monroe PHD
Dr Stephen Monroe PHDCritical Team Member Developer and Chief Science Officer
Inventor of the Patent Pending K-Channel TM b. Steve has over 30 years’ experience working within the Cannabinoid Space. Inventor
of a superior line of healthcare related CBD products Xtreme Wellness now integrated fully with the team at Alterna Products and LaneCo Financial.
David Jenkins
David JenkinsCEO & Co-Founder
David has taken several medical device companies public for
several hundreds of millions of dollars.
Dr. Lawrence O'Connor
Dr. Lawrence O'ConnorPast President of the National Chiropractic Association,
Another team primary member of our team, Larry has been a chiropractor for over 35 years. This was a primary selection for the D-Team. He’s been on the state board of examiners, president of the FCLB and a member of the board of the NBCE. An enthusiastic proponent of Xtreme Wellness product lines developed by Dr Steven Monroe.
William Jones
William JonesRetired General Contractor
With many years’ experience in marketing.