Frequently Asked Questions!

CBD works through multiple paths, it slows and blocks pain, it reduces anxiety, and it reduces inflammation. The time it takes to work depends on how it is taken or applied, how much is taken, and on each individuals receptivity for CBD. Alterna’s Xtreme products are produced with the highest quality THC free CBD designed to quickly deliver relief, for most within a matter of minutes.

The creams will absorb in a few minutes and it will not leave any sticky residue. It is formulated like any high-end cosmetic. The ingestibles, the tinctures and gummies will be absorbed over time and similar to sugars, will be absorbs in a few minutes. Only about 6-10% of CBD is absorbed unless it is a water-soluble form which is immediately absorbed. However, to make CBD water-soluble the other ingredients needed to make it soluble limits it to only about 10% of the CBD, so net-net 10 mg CBD and 10 MG water-soluble CBD deliver the same amount of CBD to the bloodstream.

Alterna’s products have a very slight, clean scent depending on the product. The cream has a slight cosmetic scent, the freeze has a slight menthol scent, the tinctures have a very slight plant scent and gummies are scent-free.

You will never smell like a locker room with Alterna products.

Everyone is different and you’ll have to find what works best for you. Initially you may want to use is several times a day, scaling back over time or using more as you may need it.

No, there are no negative side effects, though there may be some slight, harmless stinging with the cream if it is used on broken skin that will quickly go away.

We are biased, but we think we deliver the best products in the market both because of the higher levels of CBD we use, their purity, being THC-free and
because of the unique K-Channel™ used in our Pain Cream.

Yes, it is legal, derived from certified Hemp which was approved in the 2018 Farm Bill.

No. Drug tests are designed to detect THC, the psychoactive ingredient of cannabis and its metabolites. Our CBD is THC-free and so will not test positive.

The other ingredients are standard ingredients approved for cosmetic or food use, depending on the product in question. All of our products have their ingredients listed. Where possible, we use Organic Ingredients. In our cream we use Organic Aloe Extract and Shea Butter as a starting point.

The CBD content of each product is listed on the label. This is the total CBD content measured in milligrams (mg), 1/1000 of a gram. Typically, people use 5-30 mg per dose depending on what works for them.